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Whether you want us to demolish and haul away your old contract or you require residential concrete repair, our concrete contractors are the ones to call when you want the job done right the first time around.

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Do You Require Demolition or Concrete Repair?

If your walkways, driveway, patio, or other concrete groundwork or structure is showing too much wear and tear, proper repair may be in order. There are many benefits to concrete repair as opposed to complete demolition.
If you only have a few small cracks, a hole that needs to be patched, or another minor defect, a concrete repair can be the cost-effective and simpler option as opposed to the concrete demolition alternative.
On the other hand, if your concrete surface or patio is showing deep and widespread cracks, concrete slabs that have begun to sink into the earth, or concrete slabs that show obvious signs of frost heave and spalling, demolition and replacement may be the best option for your needs. Let’s look into the details of both options.

Get Affordable Concrete Demolition and Repair in & near San Antonio

You can save money by having your concrete repaired, or you can enjoy ultimate peace of mind with expert demolition and new concrete installations by the San Antonio area concrete professionals.
We want to talk to you about your residential project. If you require demolition or repair, or you’d like an assessment from a qualified professional, contact us today for a free and honest quote.

Concrete Demolition

Our concrete demolition experts have the proper equipment, certification, and training to tackle any size job. Whether you want to replace your patio, walkway, sidewalk, or driveway, we can break up your concrete and haul it away before pouring fresh concrete down for your ultimate satisfaction.
The cost of demolition may vary depending on the type of concrete and whether it is reinforced with rebar. Our experts have the ability to break up any type of concrete, even significant projects where the entire surface is reinforced and has stood for ages. We can demolish your concrete and concrete slabs to prepare your residential property for the best new concrete installations in the San Antonio area.

Concrete Repair

We can fix any type and size of concrete defect, including holes, cracks, pitting, and more. When we repair your walkway, driveway, or patio, we don’t just patch the hole or crack and call it a day. Instead, we go above and beyond to prevent future problems, protect your investment, and ensure your concrete looks and performs at its best for years to come.
It should be noted that some major concrete defects and damage can be repaired. If you notice a hole, crack in your concrete, or other significant defects, don’t automatically assume that you require concrete demolition. Only an expert, such as our concrete installation, repair, and maintenance experts can make the proper determination. Getting your concrete repaired instead of demolished and replaced can save you loads of money and frustration. Get a free and honest quote from the San Antonio concrete repair specialists and we’ll see about keeping the concrete you have, while we give it a makeover.

We Clean Up After Our Concrete Demolition Projects

There is nothing quite worse than hiring a contractor who doesn’t pick up after the job is complete. Our contractors would never treat one of our loyal customers that way. No matter if it’s a massive job like a driveway removal, we will ensure that your property looks just like we found it by the time we pack up and go home.

If the project warrants it, we will deliver a rolling dumpster to the job site in order to collect all the necessary debris and dispose of it properly.
While we’re on the clock, we work diligently to break up concrete and any sub-levels while using our strict attention-to-detail. Only when the old one is hauled away completely can the new concrete be laid down.

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